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1207 Washington Street
Hanover, MA 02339
Phone: 781-659-2015
Hours Directions

Temporary Location:
1207 Washington Street, Hanover, MA 02339
Phone: 781-659-2015
Hours Directions


Picture Books (JE):

  1. Keller, Laurie. “The Scrambled States of America.”
  2. Prosek, James. "A Good Day's Fishing."
  3. Raven, Margot Theis. "Circle Unbroken."
  4. Scieska, Jon. “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” and "Science Verse."
  5. Tavares, Matt. "Oliver's Game."
  6. Wiesner, David. “Hurricane”, “Tuesday”, and “June 29, 1999.”
  7. Van Allsburg, Chris. “Jumanji”, “Zathura.”
  8. Wells, Rosemary and Tom. "The House in the Mail."
  9. Yin. “Coolies.”


  1. Balliett, Blue. "Chasing Vermeer."
  2. Barry, Dave. "Peter and the Starcatchers."
  3. Blume, Judy. “Blubber.”
  4. Blume, Judy. “Double Fudge.”
  5. Bredsdorff, Bodil. "The Crow-Girl."
  6. Bunting, Eve. “Train to Somewhere.”
  7. Cheng, Andrea. "Honeysuckle House."
  8. Cleary, Beverly. “Ramona” series
  9. Clements, Andrew. “A Week in the Woods“.
  10. Cohn, Rachel. “The Steps.”
  11. Cooper, Susan. “The Boggart.” 
  12. Creech, Sharon. “Ruby Holler.”
  13. Dahl, Roald. “James and the Giant Peach.”
  14. De Guzman, Michael. “Melonhead.”
  15. DiTerlizzi, Tony and Black, Holly. "The Spiderwick Chronicles" series
  16. Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. "The Conch Bearer."
  17. DuPrau, Jeanne. "The People of Sparks" (sequel to "The City of Ember")
  18. Fine, Anne. “Bad Dreams.”
  19. Fitzhugh, Louise. “Harriet the Spy.” 
  20. Fleischman, Sid. "Disappearing Act."
  21. Funke, Cornelia. “The Thief Lord," "Inkheart," and "Dragon Rider."
  22. Fuqua, Jonathon Scott. "The Willoughby Spit Wonder."
  23. Hannigan, Katherine. "Ida B.: and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (possibly) Save the World."
  24. Heide, Florence Parry. “Sami and The Time of The Troubles.”
  25. Horvath, Polly. “Everything on a Waffle.”
  26. Ibbotson, Eva. “The Great Ghost Rescue.”
  27. L'Engle, Madeleine. “A Wrinkle in Time” series
  28. Lowry, Lois. “Anastasia” series
  29. McCaughrean, Geraldine. “The Kite Rider.”
  30. McKay, Hilary. “Saffy’s Angel.”
  31. Napoli, Donna Jo. "North."
  32. Nimmo, Jenny. "Midnight for Charlie Bone."
  33. Rockwell, Thomas. “How to Eat Fried Worms.”
  34. Rodgers, Mary. “Freaky Friday.”
  35. Said, S.F. “Varjak Paw.”
  36. Scieszka, Jon. “The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales.”
  37. Springer, Nancy. “Rowan Hood”, “Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest.”
  38. Staples, Suzanne. “Shabanu” and "The Green Dog: A Mostly True Story."
  39. Stroud, Jonathan. "The Golem's Eye" (The Bartemaeus Trilogy, Book 2)
  40. Taylor, Sydney. “All-Of-A-Kind Family.”
  41. Waugh, Sylvia. “Earthborn.”

Sports: (J Sports)

  1. Christopher, Matt.
  2. Korman, Gordon.
  3. Park, Barbara.

Mysteries: (J Mys)

  • Bellairs, John. 
  • Hale, Bruce.
  • Hildick, E.W.
  • Raskin, Ellen.
  • Van Draanen, Wendelin. 

Folktales: (J FO)

  • Aardema, Verna.
  • San Souci, Robert.
  • Schwartz, Alvin.

Biographies: (JB)

  • Freedman, Russell. “Confucius: The Golden Rule.”
    JB Confucius
  • Gogerly, Liz. “Dian Fossey.”
    JB Fossey
  • Ganci, Chris. “Chief: The Life of Peter J. Ganci, A New York City Firefighter.”
    JB Ganci
  • Cheney, Cora. “The Incredible Deborah; A Story Based on the Life of Deborah Sampson.”
    JB Gannett
  • Hawk, Tony and Sean Mortimer. “Tony Hawk: Professional Skateboarder.”
    JB Hawk
  • Paulsen, Gary. “How Angel Peterson Got His Name: And Other Outrageous Tales About Extreme Sports”
    JB Paulsen
  • Stanley, Diane. “Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam
    JB Saladin


  • Horner, John R. “Digging Up Tyrannosaurus Rex.”
    J 567.91 HO
  • Jackson, Donna. Jackson, Donna. “The Bone Detectives.”
    J 363.256 JA
  • Linz, Kathi. “Chickens May Not Cross the Road and Other Crazy (but True) Laws.”
    J 348.73 LI
  • Landau, Elaine. “Popcorn!”
    J 641.6 LA
  • Curlee, Lynn. “Capital“
    J 975.3 CU