Temporary Location:
1207 Washington Street
Hanover, MA 02339
Phone: 781-659-2015
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Temporary Location:
1207 Washington Street, Hanover, MA 02339
Phone: 781-659-2015
Hours Directions



  • Ipl2 Internet Public Library Teen Portal Discover links to credible web sites on a huge array of homework resources, as well as graphic novels, poetry, and answers to embarrassing questions.
  • American Fact Finder from the US Census Bureau. A first stop for statistical information.
  • InfoPlease Homework help, almanacs, and tons of into on people, history, science, etc.
  • KidsClick A search engine and directory for kids and teens.
  • My Homework Helper Homework help for students from first grade through college.




  • Chemistrylecturenotes.com Tutorials and notes for high school chemistry.
  • Science.Gov  A gateway to government science information, research results, and hundreds of excellent web sites covering topics such as food, science, technology, astronomy, biology, nature, energy conservation, general science, health, medicine, and science education.
  • Sciencebob.com A great round-up of science fair ideas, experiements, videos and science Q&A.
  • Science Fair Project Resource Guide An excellent resource from Internet Public Library that links to all sorts of resources for their projects.

Social Studies & History

  • 50states All-inclusive site about the 50 states.
  • Encyclopedia Mythica An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.
  • OurStory A searchable site of topics in American history sponsored by The Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
  • Chronicling America  A primary source database sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress allowing users to search and view newspaper pages from 1880 to 1910 and find information about American newspapers published between 1690 and the present.